Thermal spring in the sanatorium

During a walk through Dobrna, at the end of the chestnut alley, a mighty building called the Sanatorium (Zdraviliški dom) attracts attention. The Tavčar villa, known already in the 16th century, once stood on the platform in front of it. Until the hotel Dobrna was built, today the hotel Vita, the Sanatorium dominated the thermal spa views.
The design of the building has always been four-handed and has remained so. It dates back to 1624.
You can still admire the thermal water spring and thermal pool at the Sanatorium today, which has been at its core since 1624, as evidenced by the original Gačnik’s inscription board.
The heart of every spa is a thermal spring, and this is so on Dobrna as well. It is located in the middle part of the Sanatorium. Surface is enclosed in a polygonal stone circumference, covered by translucent tiles, touching in an upwards cut pyramidal top. Through them you can observe lightly foaming water, which is colorless, odorless and without taste. If we stir it, it gets a milky look. It has a constant temperature of 36 ° C and comes from a depth of 1200 meters, from limestone layers on which, in the later geological periods, younger surface formations collapsed and formed.


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