Digital Dobrna Project

Digital Promotion of Tourism in the Municipality of Dobrna - Digital Dobrna

Duration of the operation: 1. 11. 2018 – 15. 10. 2019
The value of the operation: 78,500.00 Eur
The amount of co-financing: 70,650.00 Eur
Applicant:The Public Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Dobrna

As part of the operation, Dobrna Destination will update the existing digital presentations with the aim of more effective digital visibility at home and abroad, further strengthening the satisfaction of tourists and increasing the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism both at the level of the leading destination in Dobrna as well as at the national level.

The effects of the operation will have a positive impact on the increased number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays and will contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in the leading destination of Dobrna.

Within the framework of the operation, the following activities will be carried out:
– preparation of a destination web site (in the Slovene language and in four foreign languages – German, English, Italian and Croatian)
– setting up of the Facebook Profile Visit Dobrna,
– Preparation of new photographs for the purpose of digital promotion of the destination,
– Preparation of promotional films for the purpose of digital promotion of the destination,
– Preparation of translations and proofreading of the content for the new website of the destination and other content for the digital campaign,
– purchase of promotional photos of the destination Dobrna,
-counselling in the field of digital promotion and
-education of tourism providers in the field of digital promotion.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

More information on cohesion policy in Slovenia:

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