About the institute

Public Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Dobrna

ZTŠK Dobrna
Dobrna 1 a, 3204 Dobrna (find us in TIC Dobrna – Dobrna 19 b; 3204 Dobrna)

Registration number: 3597121000
Tax number: 54340306
Transaction account: SI 56 0135 5600 0000 138
Legal organizational form: 0355 – public institution

Phone: 00 386 (3) 780 10 64
E-mail: tic@dobrna.si
Founder: Dobrna Municipality
Director: Marija Švent
Authorized person for the protection of personal data: Mateja Smrečnik, univ. grad. lawyer


In accordance with Article 10 of the Ordinance on the establishment of a public institution for tourism, sport and culture Dobrna
(Official Gazette of the RS, no. 18/09) the bodies of the institute are:
– director and
– council.

Director of ZTŠK Dobrna: Ms. Marija Švent

The Council of the ZTŠK Dobrna consists of:
– Mr. Primož Rošer (President);
– Ms. Vera Horjak Kravos (Deputy Chairperson);
– Ms. Branka Gal (Member);
– Mr. Ivan Krulec (Member);
– Mr. Martin Brecl (Member) and
– Ms. Mateja Smrečnik (Member).


The Public Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Dobrna was founded in 2009 with the aim of taking care of the promotion and development of tourism and forming a comprehensive tourist offer throughout the Dobrna Municipality.
One of the basic tasks of the Institute is the concern for the promotion and development of sport in the Dobrna Municipality, as well as the care for the preservation, operation, promotion and comprehensive development of cultural activities in the municipality, which also includes the maintenance, discovering, understanding, presentation and marketing of cultural and natural heritage of the Municipality of Dobrna.

The Public Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Dobrna has in its management of the premises of the Dobrna Cultural Center, the Dobrna Market and the Black Kitchen at Šumej, and also takes care of the market space rental.

The Dobrna Public Institute for Tourism, Sports and Culture also carries out tasks of Tic Dobrna.



The logo consists of a typography of the name – the Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Dobrna, and a symbol consisting of stylized lines. The symbol is in green, yellow and blue and is associated with the colors of the coat of arms of the municipality of Dobrna (green, yellow, blue).
Each line or content is also assigned a reasonable colour:
GREEN – TOURISM – symbolizes nature, spring, meadows, forests, hills, hills, relaxation, freshness, life, growth, …
YELLOW – SPORT – dynamics, energy, sun, power, vitality, activity, joy …
BLUE – CULTURE, a symbol of the highest values, wisdom, spirit, peace, water, rivers, …
The lines form a dynamic composition and a human figure (green nature – tourism and human figure: yellow legs – sport, blue hands and head – culture). The starting point was the coat of arms of Dobrna – from the lines of the spring and the wavy ground.

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