From the west to the east, the Karavanke mountain range ends in a mountain massif, which occupies a central place in north-eastern Slovenia – Paški Kozjak.

Squeezed into two ridges, like two folds of the earth, grown over with rich forests and covered with grassy plateaus at its crossroads, it uncovers ethnological pearls of times past and riches of the animal and plant world to the curious traveller. Among the tree species, beech and fir, spruce and hornbeam, pine and birch are exchanged in the mixed forest.

The highest peak of the northern ridge is Basališče (1272 m), while the southern one is slightly lower Špik. The grassy plains often do not know the scythe, sometimes sheep used to graze here, and today only rarely also cattle. The highest peak of the municipality of Dobrna is Štrukljev Vrh, which measures 1227 m. There is a mountain lodge on Paški Kozjak, where you can refresh yourself.

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