In Zavrh, a little further from the Dobrnica manor, on the right side of the road, just before the split into the Ledenica cave, the Kneipp spring of health can be found in the form of a brook. The principles of Sebastian Kneipp on natural healing are based on the use of natural remedies, but if you are interested in how you can properly and complexly take on the “kneipping” yourself to recover lost energy and power, you can do so by visiting Dobrna.

Experts swear by Kneipping, the method the guidelines of which are health promotion and water treatment, healthy wholesome diet, motion therapy (hiking, cycling, swimming in a spa pool with thermal water), healing with medicinal plants and psychotherapy or care for mental relaxation.

Kneipp’s program is predominantly preventive, but with the combination of other methods it can also cure certain diseases or improve conditions. This is soon visible in patients with vascular injuries, and good results are also shown in the treatment of nervous and metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and the like.

In Dobrna, you can learn Kneipp’s principles and guidelines for a healthy life by trying herbal baths, massage, enjoying healthy foods and delicious delicacies from nearby farms and enjoying the fresh air when you step into a green-clad wood that hides Kneipping springs by the Ledenica cave.

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