General information about Dobrna

Dobrna gained the status of a municipality through the reform of the local self-government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1998. It has a surface area of 31.68 km2 and has 2,226 inhabitants (data: 1. 1. 2017).

Dobrna is divided into 11 settlements, namely Dobrna, Pristova, Loka pri Dobrni, Zavrh nad Dobrno, Klanc, Lokovina, Brdce nad Dobrno, Strmec nad Dobrno, Parož, Vrba and Vinska Gorica. The largest settlement – Dobrna village lies at an altitude of 375 m, the highest part of the municipality is Paški Kozjak – Štrukljev vrh 1227 m.

The distance from the administrative center in Celje is 18 km and from Velenje 10 km. The nearest airport in Maribor is 60 km, 85 km to Brnik Airport and 120 km to Graz Airport.

The climate of Dobrna is very mild. In the north the basin is closed by Paški Kozjak, which prevents the intrusion of cold northern winds. Average annual temperature is 8.4 ºC, mean summer 16.5 ºC, mean August 18.4 ºC, highest August 31.5 ºC. Rainfall days are 97 per year on average, annual rainfall is about 960 mm, average humidity is 80 %.

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