Under the Paški Kozjak peak, at an altitude of 1063 m, stands the neo-Gothic parish church of St. Jošt from 1884. It is an example of a typical rural ecclesiastical architecture. It is precisely because of its modesty that it works convincingly in search of the spiritual comfort for those who visit it.

Such churches create a special atmosphere precisely because they are not large, they are part of the natural environment in which they are placed, and this modesty is also transmitted to people. We feel natural with them, all vanity disappears, we are simply what we are and thus enter into its interior for spiritual food.

In addition to the church, there is a baroque building of the parish house, which was reworked in 1820, the elementary school and the former residence, a typical Kozjak house. There is also a triple border between the municipalities of Dobrna, Velenje and Mislinja here. It pays off to take this journey, it offers special experiences.

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