Not far from the center of Dobrna, the church of St. Miklavž v Vrbi is a picturesque complement to the local vista. Its source is late Gothic, it was first mentioned in sources in 1567, and the experts evaluated it as an even older one and placed it in the very beginning of the 16th century.

The church survived the Turkish invasions and Protestantism. The tomb relief to Aurelius Victor, the Roman warrior of the second Ital legion from the third century, which is built in the south wall of the church, is the first thing to surprise us. Also interesting are the stone renaissance statue of St. Miklavž from the 16th century in a niche on the belfry, a large altar in the presbytery from the first half of the 18th century and the altar of St. Frančišek Ksaverij from 1770 in a chapel painted with frescoes from the saints’ life, most marked by the stay in China. The third altar is from the last century. The church has exceptionally beautiful Baroque candle holders and the path of the cross in oil, equipped with inscriptions in bohoričica script. The bell-tower has no external entrance and has some kind of walled arches in the lower part under the wreath; no other such case can be found in the wider area. Next to the large bell tower, the roofed tower on the chapel appears like a miniature toy. But this very  tower, made according to the Carinthian examples, is one of the most charming architectural elements of the church, one of the most beautiful in the vicinity of Dobrna.

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