If we leave the center towards Hudičev Graben (Zavrh settlement), at the split of the road to Klanc and Zavrh, there is the Dobrnica mansion, formerly called Gutenek. It was probably built in the 17th century. It had the character of a castle, which also included a small estate.

Her first known owner was in 1650 Ehrenreich pl. Hohenwart. He was followed by Leopold Raumschü from Šenek and others. In 1822, it was purchased by the then owner of the Dobrna estate and the spa, Kajetan baron pl. Dienersberg. In 1851 it was taken over by Franc Anton Count pl. Kolovrat of Liebstein and reorganized it into a brewery, one of the oldest in Slovenia. Later, the masters changed in Dobrnica several times, and during the two wars there was a health resort here. Its façade is interesting with decorative blends in plaster, originating from the architectural design of the early Baroque. In the renovated two-storey building there are now apartments, and next to it the remains of the former park.

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