Tours and Excursions

Beekeeping Kumer

Kumer Beekeeping produces honey and makes various products from honey. Their work is primarily based on the love of nature, which is reflected in the

Hunting lodge at Trojna

The hunting lodge at Trojna in the direction of the mountain path in the hamlet Klanc towards Paški Kozjak is located on the hill in

Lamperček Homestead

The homestead Lamperček lies on the border of two neighboring municipalities, Dobrna and Velenje, more precisely in Vinska Gora, formerly Šentjanž near Velenje. Their game

Pond in Lokovina

On the pond in Lokovina, which is managed by the Voluntary Firefighter Association of Dobrna, only the sporting method of catching and releasing is allowed.

Mountain lodge at Paški Kozjak

The mountain lodge at Paški Kozjak is located above the valley of the Paka River, east of Velenje and south of Mislinje. We can get

Black Kitchen at Šumej

The black kitchen at Šumej is located in Brdce nad Dobrno, on a small farm in the area of the municipality, which to this day

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