Paths to Paški Kozjak

The marked hiking trail leads from the center of Dobrna past the hotel Vita to the sanatorium, along the road to Žeblar’s chapel at the


The learning path of Biser the Dwarf is intended for generations, from kindergarten to recreational retirees. The path is a form of green sustainable tourism.

Ana’s Trail

The route was named after Ančka, the former owner of Šumej homestead, who lived in a house with preserved black kitchen until 2005. It is

Promenade along Dobrnica

The Promenade along Dobrnica is undemanding, as all of it is on level terrain. It begins at the ruins of Villa Ružička and after about

Forest Learning Trail

Part of Ana’s path is also the Forest Learning Trail, where you will be able to learn about the preserved natural and cultural heritage in

Loška Trail

It leads from the center of Dobrna through the health resort complex along the road to Klanc, where the vineyards are on the slopes. The

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