In the Thermal baths of Dobrna


The La Vita Spa massage and beauty centre will become an indispensable companion for your vacation with its range of body and beauty treatments, massages, facials and various other treatments. Let the pampering of the body provide the ultimate relaxation of the mind.

Arbora Spa

Benefit from the healing power of saunas to revitalize and invigorate your body. After coming out of the sauna, refresh yourself in the ice cave or cooling pool. Relax in the outdoor or indoor whirlpool and find your sanctuary and inner peace in the relaxation room with the soft tones of soothing music, a glass of wine and delicious snacks.

Thermal pools

Thermal pools are located in the 3rd floor at the Hotel Vita. Although they are not similar to the huge and bustling bathing complexes, their relaxed and tranquil atmosphere offers the ultimate in pampering and refreshment.

Thermal Water Fountain

»Salus per aquam«. Health through water. In the middle of the spa park, in the pavilion that was once the studio of the photographers Kvas and Pelikan, there is a drinking fountain of the Dobrna thermal water.
1200 m deep, it collects water that has travelled 90 years from raindrop to thermal water. It is this water in its pristine natural form that flows from the four thermal water ponds. The water, with a constant temperature of 36,5 °C at the source, is colorless, odorless and has a very mild bitter taste.

Restaurant Kamin

The a la carte restaurant Kamin, on the 1st floor of Hotel Vita, is intended for individual and group visits. The club atmosphere is also ideal for business meetings and events, as well as various personal celebrations. In addition to the a la carte offer, they also offer weekend lunches and a daily tasting menu.

Steak & Burger Dobrna

Steak & Burger Dobrna is a restaurant located right under the Vila Higiea. Here we serve delicious 100% beef or chicken burgers, juicy aged rump steaks and fillet mignon, crispy BBQ wings and pork ribs.
You’ll love our carefully selected aged Tomahawk and T-bone steaks, which are considered the tastiest steaks for a reason. All our steaks are prepared sous vide.
Excellent burgers and steaks are perfectly complemented by the offer of Slovenian craft beer from the Clef Brewery.

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