Promenade across Lanšperg to Kunigunda

The path for the more demanding mountaineers leads from the center of Dobrna to the direction board with the inscription Lanšperg, Kunigunda. It continues over the bridge across the Dobrnica stream along the local road that leads through Vinska Gorica and continue to the main road that we crosses and continue past Popek farm, steeply along the hiking forest path upwards. Halfway along the path, on the left side is a deep, interesting stream cut into a hard rock that has been carved out by the water for centuries. Soon we reach the brook and again to the forest road, which brings us to the hamlet Lanšperg (village Rupe). Here the path is joined by the Vojnik – Kunigunda mountain trail (Šentjungert). The path is appropriately marked and equipped with directional signs. A mountain cabin on Kunigunda, operated by PD Galicija, is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Duration of hike: 2 hours in one direction.


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