Paths to Paški Kozjak

The marked hiking trail leads from the center of Dobrna past the hotel Vita to the sanatorium, along the road to Žeblar’s chapel at the top of Klanc, where we continue straight on the road, i.e. the easy route, well marked and suitable especially for hikes in winter conditions. The steep path turns left into a hilly forest and continues along the cartway. Both paths join together at the Trojnšek farm. Then we continue on the path to the farm Jurk, from where the well marked Šaleška mountain path leads upward to the right, and the XIV Division path leads to the left.

The XIV Division path leads left up along the cart track. From the spruce forest you reach the meadow and head towards the top, from where there is a beautiful view of Lake Velenje, the Mozirje mountains and the Savinja Alps in the background. The grassy plateau in front of you is called Visoko. There is a granite monument here in memory of the breakthrough of the XIV Division. The path continues northward along the meadow down to the mountain lodge on Paški Kozjak.

The Šaleška mountain trail goes right from Jurek, steeply up the hill on rocky terrain and continues along the beautiful spruce and larch forest to the gravel road leading to the mountain lodge. Both paths join at the intersection with the Velenje road near the mountain lodge. From there, the road leads up to the church of St. Jošt on Paški Kozjak and left to Špik, 1109 m. From the top of Špik there is a wonderful view of the Mozirje mountains, Raduha, Peca, Uršlja gora and the Savinja Alps.

From Dobrna to the mountain lodge on Paški Kozjak there are 2 hours and a half, and another half an hour to the top of Špik. The path is mostly through the forests, where the shade is especially pleasant in the summer, it is suitable for every hiker who wants peace, fresh air and a beautiful view.


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