Ana’s Trail

The route was named after Ančka, the former owner of Šumej homestead, who lived in a house with preserved black kitchen until 2005. It is housed in the hilly world between the torrential Dobrnica and the river Hudinja, which flows from the direction of Vitanj. There are no settlements as such, only groups of houses and individual farms, scattered between orchards and vineyards, where you will meet local people who will be able to tell you a lot about the way of life of this part of the world or municipality. From the center of Dobrna leads the way along the road past the ruins of the villa Ružička towards Hudičev Graben, past the Gutenek mansion (former brewery) to the “Kneipp” basin with crystal clear water that comes from below the rock. From the cave Bierkeller – Ledenica and Drenovec Waterfall you climb steeply along the waterfalls of the torrential stream Drenovec to the lawn, suitable for a picnic. On the grassy road you will reach Marovšek farm with a beautifully landscaped picnic area, where you will also be shown an old smithy and a small collection of antiques at your request. At the split turn right down to Šumej homestead, where you can see the preserved black kitchen, then continue on the path around the Gruševec hill to the hamlet Zavrh. At the crossroads turn right and continue along the road to the next crossroads near Flis, where you turn left past the Flis cross and then down the asphalt road down to the Blažič farm, which has a well preserved rural architectural heritage, a granary and a hayrack and where they also offer you excellent honey. Those eager for good wine drops can turn left on the hill to the farm Dražnik afterwards, where you will also be offered honey and other honey products. Then head back to the valley and continue on the path past Švab homestead and chapel to the crossroads, where you turn right and continue along the gravel road towards the Vrba farm. What follows is a grassy path towards the church of St. Miklavž and the last ascent along the panoramic route, where at the top a unique view of Dobrna with its surroundings opens in front of you. All that’s left is a descent to the valley towards the center of Dobrna.


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