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In Dobrna Medical, one place brings together distinguished top doctors. With the support of the best team, modern technology and knowledge, they will take care of you in the best environment, Terme Dobrna spa. Where, in harmony with modern medicine, nature also heals. All of this, it places us at the very top of medical tourism. Your health and pleasure are in the first place here.

In outpatient clinics, they will ensure that, with the latest technology and advanced knowledge, the tests are as uninvasive as possible and with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, are of the highest quality. Only then will the final diagnosis be more accurate and further treatment more effective. All of this will lead to a faster recovery and improvement of the quality of your life.

They perform preventive and control examinations and consultations with specialists, as well as some laboratory tests, bone density measurements and ultrasound diagnostics.

Swimming pools in Terme Dobrna Spa

Thermal water pools are available at the Vita Hotel and at the sanatorium. Alkaline thermal water with a temperature at the source of about 35 ° C to 36.5 ° C, containing appropriate amounts of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate, is the main healing factor in Terme Dobrna.

The hot spring of Dobrna was also known by the ancient Celts and the Romans. In the year 1403, water was first used for medical purposes. Since 1542, thermal water of Dobrna has been used as an ideal means for the treatment of gynecological and urological diseases, rheumatic and rheumatism related diseases, the treatment of diseases and injuries of the locomotory system.

Thermal water in Dobrna is also medicinal for patients with peripheral vascular diseases, for patients with neurological problems, for everyone with diabetes, increased blood pressure, lighter heart and respiratory illnesses. For decades we have been using it to strengthen the body and to improve the overall psychophysical fitness of individuals and groups. The main healing factor is calcium-magnesium hydrogen carbonate alkaline acratoterme with a temperature of 35 ° C to 36.5 ° C. Due to the calcium ions contained in the water, the thermal water from Dobrna is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic in all chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. In doing so, it accelerates the discharge of water and indirectly helps to remove the kidney stones and gallstones from the body.

The Ministry of Health confirmed thermal water as a natural healing factor.

Land of Saunas in Terme Dobrna spa

In the pool complex, in III. on the floor of Hotel Vita, there is a complex of saunas with an attractive offer of steam and Finnish saunas and an extraordinary offer for the Kneipp program.

Getting closer to the tradition of relaxing and cleansing your body in our land of peace, refreshment and relaxation will make you feel beneficial, just as the energy of positive crystals affects us. The selection of crystals, according to which we named our saunas, is a brief introduction to the crystalline land of minerals that the Earth ides and uncovers.

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