Dobrna in the park

Schedule: The experience is carried out throughout the year
Duration: 1-2 h
Starting point: TIC Dobrna
Transport: Walking
Number of persons:
Price of adventure: free / self-guided

Zdraviliški park, ki nudi tako možnost rekreacije kot tudi trenutke umiritve in počitka, je najboljša izhodiščna točka za spoznavanje lepot Občine Dobrna. Vzdraviliškem parku postavljen navidezni izkustveni center za goste, ki predstavlja in poveže celotno ponudbo občine.

Figure 1: The boundary of the Municipality of Dobrna is reduced to fit the size of the park and offers exploration of the municipality’s sights in a smaller area. The blue line shows the boundaries of the municipality, the red dots show the points of interest.
Dobrna in the park allows guests to see all the sights of Dobrna in a small area – in the spa park. During a walk in the park, guests can seemingly also take a stroll throughout Dobrna and use technology to see sights that are a few kilometres away in reality. On the way through the park they see both cultural heritage and views from the highest peaks of Dobrna. View information about the site or cultural heritage facility using mobile devices at specific locations in the spa park. So each of the attractions has its own virtual place in the park.
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund. For more information on cohesion policy in Slovenia, please visit:



Dobrna 19b
3204 Dobrna 
03 780 10 64
Facebook: Visit Dobrna

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