Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

Dobrna Medical

As part of the health resort, there is a diagnostic rehabilitation center in which renowned doctors and specialists from various branches of medicine participate.
Using natural healing factors, wisdom, and the most modern medical approaches enables the treatment of many diseases, conditions, and injuries.

Modern treatment approaches

By developing new unique programs, such as Lyme disease, Post COVID-19 rehabilitation, Sleep disorders, or IV vitamin cocktail, under the leadership of cf. M.Sc. Branko Šibanac, Ph.D. med., spec. infectologist, they strive for an outstanding offer aimed at the improvement of the well-being, health, and life quality of their guests.

In Women's Health Care

With the longest tradition of treating gynecological diseases using natural healing factors and modern medical procedures, they have acquired the status of a leading center for the treatment and relief of disease problems with childbirth and incontinence, as well as rehabilitation after oncological conditions.

Terme Dobrna has three natural healing factors recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia: thermal water, mud, and peat.

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